Time considered as a helix of semi precious stoats

I want an index of my posts, for the vainglory, but also so I can find things. So far I've done 2016. It was dull, and took a couple of evenings. At some point I'll add 2017 and then see if I feel like doing any more.

[Jan-May 2017 added. I found re-reading some of the old stuff rather interesting. I'm often rather forceful in response to comments. Do forgive me, and do push back.]


‘Moore’s law’ for carbon would defeat global warming?
Moon Jae-in orders shutdown of old coal-fired power plants.

Carbon Tax

Yet more carbon tax and The ETS is stupid, part n + 1 [2016/04].
* How to decarbonize? More free market!
A vision for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement?
A proportionate response to Trump’s climate plans? and A response to a response to a proportionate response.
U.S. Needs a Robust Carbon Tax, not an Exxon Carbon Tax?
The conservative case for carbon dividends.


* Science advances one funeral at a time - Robert Carter - and thoughts about influence on field.
Oh, and we were Gone / Kings of Oblivion- David Bowie.
Another funeral advances science - Pattern recognition in physics.
Derek Parfit, Ex-Philosopher.



Yet more Exxon drivel [2016/04].
#exxonlied [2016/06].
More Exxon, yawn [2016/07].

Evil Arch Climate Uber Villains




* A Falconer Uppermost - Ned Nikolov and Karl Zeller.
Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy? - Richard Tol, David Rose.
Scott Adams is a tosser - discusses argument from authority.
GWPF membership declines?


Public Good


* Lents 2017: More hot bumping action.


David B Benson said...

You require a librarian.

Russell Seitz / Bright Water said...

Could WC adopt a Harvard earth science librarian?
They've been unemployed since the Center For The Environment turned the library into office space.

William Connolley said...

Only if they have very low expectations of salary.