It's the season for mayflies again. Maggie for head as has become traditional, and Clare to not challenge them, and Pembroke having bumped Caius to go third, to stay there. On the woman's side, Emma rated themselves but went down to Newnham on day 2 who had disposed of Caius on day 1, but I don't hold out much hope for them to displace Jesus tomorrow. Nonetheless, it's all desperately exciting, and as usual this is my collection of vidz.

Previous years: 2017 / 2016.


* M1 / W1 / M2 / W4 / M5


* M1 (practice starts) / W1: sadly truncated (but you can watch Newnham's bowcam; or this) / M2 / W4 / M5


News from the top: Pembroke get Clare on their second go but won't get Maggie; Magdalene shoot up to 6th and may take Downing for blades. Meanwhile Newnham didn't get Jesus and indeed W1 while exciting was quiet.

* M1 / W1 / M2 / W2


* M1 / W1 / M2 / W2 / M3 / W3


* In hoc signo vinces (thanks RS)
the powers that be are ordained of God


David B Benson said...

On my Samsung Galaxy S4 for this post only the first several characters are cut off on the left.

Russell Seitz said...

RC gives me too much credit- Senator Inhofe is the semiotician to thank for updating this tag

William Connolley said...

> On my Samsung Galaxy S4

Odd. It might be the fb iframes perhaps; I don't often use those.