Learning how to do more

I've finally (I think) discovered how to do "...more..." with blogger. Its a bit of a pain, involving edits to the template and each post. To find out how...

...read on! So, its all explained at Blogger advanced help and its rather harder than wordpress (where you just put <!--more--!> or somesuch into the post.

Hmmm... forgot to edit second template... try again...


Blogger Belette said...

Hmmm... well it works looking at blogger, but it *doesn't* work on planets, which is what I wanted it to do. Rats.

3:28 pm  
Blogger Belette said...

Hmmm #2. It looks like what I really wanted to do was to change my feed settings (help) and I've now done that, so now all I need is another thing to blog about.

3:37 pm  

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