Non-photogenic wrinklies sue EU govt

Hot on the heels of Photogenic teens sue US government and a pile of other stuff, comes the EU #metoo version. Well, it was inevitable I suppose. It's pretty well the same kind of blather as before: existing stuff must be overturned “since they violate the plaintiff’s rights and are not in line with higher ranking law”; and of course all of these people swear on their mothers graves that they themselves use no fossil fuels at all, and neither do their lawyers, or the legal process they're going to put in place, and so on.

It isn't even a good picture.




Russell Seitz said...

William, who is the fellow in the photo supposed to be?

The link is to the World's Longest Tweet List, containing too many unphotogenic wrinklies to scan through

Everett F Sargent said...

"Maurice Feschet, lavender producer from the South of France, is one of the plaintiffs who filed a suit against the European Union over threats to their homes and livelihoods caused by global warming"

Everett F Sargent said...

But more likely from here ...

Russell Seitz said...

Alours ! Un autre remake du Le Mob d'Etang Lavendre !

William Connolley said...

Yeah, the lavender guy. BTW, apologies for the lack of replies. Blogger normally emails me when people comment, but none of these comments triggered emails. It will probably turn out to be yet more GDPR shite, I'll check.

Anonymous said...

WMC: '...and of course all of these people swear on their mothers graves that they themselves use no fossil fuels at all...'

It looks like at least one of the Lavender Etang Mob likes holidaying in North America and North Africa: http://copainsdavant.linternaute.com/p/renaud-feschet-11706772

More seriously, Renaud's dad Maurice - also a signatory - blames the family's lavender problems on drought and extreme temperatures but he also mentions that when he started growing lavender in the late 1960s the replanting time was about ~20 years and it's now down to four.

Now, je suis pas un lavandiculteur, mais this is most likely due to diseases spread by planthoppers and to damage done to lavender roots by the planthoppers themselves rather to anything climatic. (Incidentally, the petition to the EU court likes to spell 'climatic' as' 'climactic'.) In particular, Hyalesthes obsoletus is cited all over Le Web as the main - and often only - bugbear des lavandiculteurs provencaux.

So that's the Feschets done with. What about the first signatory, Armandho Carvalho?

A long-time opponent of eucalypt plantations in Portugal, his complaint to the EU court is that last year climate change burned down a (presumably non-eucalypt) forest he owned. He doesn't mention eucolypts at all in his complaint but orgs he belongs to (and is perhaps a leading figure in) have blamed the scope and rapid spread of the 2017 Portuguese fires on eucalypts, often without even mentioning climate change.


Signatory Maike Recktenwald opened an Organic restaurant on a small Baltic island so she could 'make a difference'. Her business hasn't yet suffered any climate change damage but she is worried about future sea-level rise:


She all but admits that the court case is a stunt dreamt up by NGOs.


Vinny Burgoo