David Bellamy sacked by CAT

James Annan's Empty Blog becomes steadily less empty, mostly with the interesting betting-on-climate stuff, and also picks up on something I'd totally missed, viz that David Bellamy has been sacked by CAT for talking nonsense about GW (actually it probably wasn't that particular thing, but the more recent rubbish about glaciers where he got shredded by Monbiot). CAT say: "...Some of Prof Bellamy’s recent published statements seem to be flying in the face of the considered opinion of the majority of the scientific community...". Well yes indeed. Will the wildlife trusts follow? Or (better, but less likely) will Bellamy actually start talking sense?


Anonymous Andrew Haley said...

You mention CAT here, but I have no idea what CAT is.

12:23 pm  
Blogger Belette said...

Centre for Alternative Technology, of course...

12:27 pm  
Anonymous miriam brod said...

I had to ask that, too...

12:59 pm  

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