I'm number 4!

At the start of this month, I was able to proudly announce that I was the #7 google hit (or #6, for google.co.uk) for the word "stoat". Now I've shot up the rankings to #4 (or #3)!

For reference, my so-called competitors are:

  • http://www.stoatmusic.com/ - Indie pop/rock band based in Dublin
  • http://www.yptenc.org.uk/docs/factsheets/animal_facts/stoat.html - facts about real stoats
  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/nature/wildfacts/factfiles/201.shtml - ditto, from the BBC

    Now I've linked to them and helped perpetuate their dominance :-(

    Amusingly, when I do the google search the side-bar ads come up with:

    Great deals on Stoat
    Browse a huge selection now!

    Are people really looking for great deals on stoat? There turn out to be quite a few stoat-related items on sale. Perhaps you're interested in TAXIDERMY..STOAT IN GLASS CASE..LOVELY ITEM. Or perhaps not.

    Ahem. Thats enough stoat-related nonsense for today. Later... the return of the science. I promisxe.
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