I'm reading Njals saga, in bits before bedtime. Its weird. Stylised, like some Japanese opera (which of course I've never seen, but its the standard unit of stylisation).

Favourite bits: the Christians go around killing people who won't convert. When Christianity is declared, eating horseflesh is forbidden (???). Skarp-Hedin gratuitously insulting people as they go around seeking support. Why did the law forbid the insult "used as a woman every nine days"? Would eight days be OK? Before people attack, they say things like "I have a feeling this may be a bad day for you".

Is Njal good? If so, why does he rig the court system to get a chieftainship for his foster-son? Why does he not say that he put the cloak there when thingy gets all annoyed?


Sunday afternoon and its hot

"It doesn't seem to be quite as hot as yesterday" says M, but she is wrong, it does. Its because we are both sitting in the shade... in fact the sun seems to be a disturbingly too-strong state, as though we were under the equator, instead of heading into autumn in England. Odd. Or perhaps I've just had a bit too much sun so my head and neck are a bit raw. This was similar to the feeling I got on the beach at Southwold when I had lost my sunhat.


"can you see your screen" says M (we have twin portege 3110ct's) and yes I can but she is at a slightly different angle. Inside, D, E and Naomi are playing Max and the Secret Formula, which is a gentle little game, though without much content. Uncle Pong, leaning tower of Lisa, etc.

But I should try to restrict this a bit more to public stuff. I've been fighting over Roche Limit recently but its not worth it. Fortunately TK has come back to save us from our squabbling. Maybe. Meanwhile climate change has gone quiet... skeptics on summer holiday I suppose. So Leviathan progresses instead. And My Images.

Oh, but the school mast is in danger of blowing up again... sigh.