Tuesday afternoon. Could be worse.

Its 4:30. I'm sitting outside on the patio typing this via our home wireless which connects via point-to-point wireless (of unknown type: its a trial) to somewhere in Cambridge West. All this tech for these poor words.

Meanwhile, Miranda (who is mummy; I am girl) is pushing her baby doll around in her pushchair. We have been to school in the front garden and now I am allowed to sit down for a while. Apart from flea beetles, and that this portege's battery is very old and only holds an hours charge, all is well. I'd better drink my coffee before its cold...

And I forgot: I've lost my mobile. The easiest/cheapest way to get a new one seems to be to cancel the contract and get a whole new one. In which case I might as well switch to pay-as-you-go, since I *never* use my free minutes. But it feels like a step down. Also the phones on offer aren't quite a slinky as my old 8210 which they unaccountably don't make any more. I wonder if I can get one from ebay?

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William M. Connolley said...

This is a test of a comment. Hello. Karen is trying to control Ceasar and Samson.

BTW, I've turned on anyone-can-comment.