CO2 levels and me on Deltoid

Tim Lambert has a nice post today on Hissink, CO2 and conspiracy theories, and its good not just because it happens to mention me in passing... :-)

Everyone sane believes that CO2 levels have increased because of human activity. Sometimes, semi-sensible septics will say "but *no-one* suggests otherwise", to try to emphasise how sensible they are. So its nice to see an example of truely way-out wacky septicism to remind ourself what is waiting out there on the fringes.

Its also nice (look at the graph TL reproduces) when the mistake is so *obviously* wrong. It just isnt even vaguely plausible that all the dots could be correct because, as TL points out, the variation is just too hugeous. Most of them are, presumably, just early measurements that are simply wrong.

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