The real world and the virtual world

Non science this time.

While playing computer games (not that I waste much time that way of course...) I sometimes wonder where all the maids, gardens and sweeper-uppers are. The virtual world is always so clean (apart from the gore, of course) and you never have to dust or tidy.

Things like that strike me forcefully when I spend an hour down on the allotment and manage to dig over a few square meters of turf; or this afternoon I spent an hour or more demolishing the old compost heap and putting in a new hopefully rat-proof one (no rats in the compost online), then tidying the soil and sowing new grass seed. Virtually, a few clicks of a mouse would have done all that!

Which must be why I often find myself of an evening typing bright shiny words onto the web rather than face the chore of tidying up at home.

Meanwhile, Miriam is practicing Etude Tableau #1 opus 33 by Rachmaninov, which is part of a different virtual world.

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Anonymous said...

One of the things I love about The Sims is that if you leave the dirty dishes lying about, flies show up. Of course, if you're affluent enough, you can hire a maid.