NZ: eternal sunset

I'm in NZ, Dunedin. And it turns out they do have internet here. To prove it, here are some pics of the flight over.

Heathrow to LA was good: we had a long slow sunset as we headed north, sunrise as we went due W, then sunset again into LA. Its a shame they don't have a better quality "photography" window in the back somewhere. We got to see greenland (briefly; the W side; the E side was in cloud) and sea ice over Hudson bay (see pix: this is the firt sea ice I've ever seen in real life; its from 11,000 m) and the vast expanses of frozen Canada. LA to Dunedin is 12+ hours; I managed to sleep much of it thankfully.

Trivia: on the flight into LA, we had all-plastic cutlery. Out of LA, we got metal forks and spoons.

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