New wiki toy

I've discovered a new wiki toy to show you your edits graphically. This is me. Fun, no? I seem to peak at 10pm; the BBC R4 news usually reminds me to tail off; and I've usually stopped by 11 :-)

Meanwhile we have mediawiki installed at work, and very useful it is too. It will be even more useful when they work out how to turn on image uploads :-)


Matt McIrvin said...

Wow... I never quite realized how sharply my activity on Wikipedia declined after my initial burst of newbie enthusiasm in 2004 (probably ended by my hubristic failed self-nom of "Renormalization" for featured status, which left me kind of embarrassed for a while after.)

William M. Connolley said...

Hey, I remember re-norm: it was a good article, and I almost understood it! Don't be ashamed of it not making FA: some stuff is hard. We're still trying to get Global Warming there.