Bad beekeeping autumnm 2020

After Bad beekeeping 2020 we come to the autumn edition. Here's the "before" picture, though I admit that, almost unbelievably, this is after some tidy up. The huge green leaves to the left are a horse raddish, or so I was assured. I've not tried to dig up the roots.


A bit more hackery got me access to both, and now it's time to open up. Notice the smoker is more gaffer tape than anything else.


"Old Faithful" on the left. I only opened up the top super, which is mostly full. On the right, a filled frame from the middle; on the left, a largely empty frame from the edge. Needs emptying really to give them some space come springtime. Note hive tool: also excellent for weeding between paving slabs.


On the right, "Coppertop" with three supers. The top one is somewhat less full than OF...


...and the middle super was completely empty, the bees having ignored it in preference to the heights. Well, they're like that sometimes.


So I've ordered some Apistan to treat them, and when that turns up will set to and take off some of their excess before winter sets in.


A few days later - the 12th - was a sunny Saturday with little wind, perfect for taking off some honey, and putting in my Apistan. The pix below are largely for my mythical records. Let's start with OF; here we are at the brrod box, with the comb looking mighty dark, time for some refresh come spring I think.


I took out five frames - here they are - from the top. I can't recall looking at the lower super much; but from the recalling lift, it was maybe half or two thirds full.


Oh yes I recall now: fairly busy, but mostly uncapped; here's an example. So I left it.


Here's CopperTop's brood box, with the tabs of the Apistan showing where I've inserted them. I'm a bit late doing this, so finding time to take them out will be tricky. The new queen excluder here has too much space underneath hence the blobs of comb / honey; and also the mesh is falling away from the frame, must find some time to repair that.


And here's CT just before reassembly, with OF in the background.


I took four frames out of CT, for nine in all, span them that afternoon, getting about 16 lbs, which is decent for ~one super, effectively. Tracking mark: WMC-2020-A(utumn); and -W(arm) for that which I heated.

Update: 2020 / 11 / 08: I took the Apistan out today. It is very late in the year, but it was a warm still and faintly sunny day. Olde Faithfulle took it well; Coppertop was distinctly annoyed. Note for future: put them in over the queen excluder, it is one less thing to remove when taking them out.


* Two Cheers for Small Business by Alberto Mingardi
* Misinformation and foreign policy by Scott Sumner


b fagan said...

Mind the mites, but I'm curious, has there been colony collapse disorder over on that side of the ocean?

I'm no beekeeper, but there are hives on different rooftops near me in Chicago and I've been watching the honeybees and wasps as they seem to be taking some sort of nectar off of the base of the leaves of the sweet potatoes on my balcony.

William M. Connolley said...

Colony collapse was a big thing a few years ago but it seems to have fallen out of the news now. Not that I'm fully on top of the news. I was at the university of Grenoble for a visit for a couple of weeks two decades ago, and as I was shown my room I was warned that there was a beehive on the flat roof just outside the window...