Climate blogging in a post-truth era: Opportunities for action and interaction

PXL_20220114_114839830 A thesis, by Georgios Zoukas. Even though it has my name in it, I didn't read it all I'm afraid. Still, it is close to The dim and distant history of climate blogging.

As it says, The analysis shows that the main purpose that the mainstream scientist produced climate blogs appear to have in common consists in filling  the information gap existing in the communication of climate change and addressing the mis/disinformation disseminated through the mainstream media and the internet. Which is fair, and probably shows you why such blogs are declining: pretty well everyone now accepts the physical science as expounded by the IPCC, except the outright nutters, and most sane people have stopped caring about them.


* Inflation Is Still Too Low by Bryan Caplan


Tom said...

I think a combination of Covid and Trump, or at least Trumpism, distracted a lot of the stranger skeptics. I look at the comments thread at Lucia's for example. Nuthin' about climate change these days, all about demonizing Fauci and that sort of stuff. Same people who used to go on about how climate change doesn't exist or would be a good thing.

William M. Connolley said...

Hmmm, interesting. I think we're well rid of them, even if my comment count decreases. Maybe there's just x% of the population who are like that, and will fasten on to whatever is the conspiracy du jour.


To my considerable amazement, post-truther Joe Rogan took a break from factoid mongering to feature Andy Dressler in a follow-up to Steve Koonin's performance two weeks ago.

Andy summarized Steve's position as that of someone acting as a defense attorney for carbon dioxide.