A summer away

PXL_20230924_054022259 My pic shows a sunrise at Argeles-sur-Mer. I had a few days there, doing not very much, at the end of two months in France, having taken some unpaid leave.

There are an impossibly large number of pix available, but don't worry, I'll bore you with those later in detail (general: France 2023part 1: Bourg d'Oisans to Vallouise now available)

To celebrate my return, some links that I've faithfully collected during my time away.

We Can't Collect Economic InformationIndividuals do not act so as to maximize utilities, described in independently-existing functions. They confront genuine choices, and the sequence of decisions taken may be conceptualized, ex post, (after the choices), in terms of ‘as if’ functions that are maximized. But those ‘as if’ functions are, themselves, generated in the choosing process, not separately from such process.
Why so sad? I like the graph showing the alternation in sentiment when The Other Side was in power.
Age of Invention: Does History have a Replication Crisis? Some doubts about the Bulstrode / Cort slave metallurgy stuff, amongst others.
* OBEY (you may need to screw up your eyes).
Reflections on the Brook-Caplan Anarcho-Capitalism Debate. Trigger warning: uses the name "Ayn Rand".
The Supreme Court Isn’t Rogue by Ilya Somin. A bit sad that such titles are needed, but these are dark days for public sanity.
Capitalism is good. Let me explain says Sabine. And you know you trust her.
* Taxing the North Sea by Timmy, sadly as Note 44, The Global Warming Policy Foundation.
Scientifically intriguing? - ATTP; I go away and some things just don't change.


Anteros said...

I hope you had a lot of fun. Talking of the Lot, if you were passing through that department you could have dropped in for a cup of (English) tea. There's not much spectacular walking round here although there are some pleasant hills in the Cantal, an hour or so from where we live.

I was hoping to hear your take on the Patrick Brown kerfuffle - I anticipated disagreeing with you, but who knows. FWIW I thought his Free Press article was simply describing the obvious - people respond to incentives! But it was enough to provoke a great deal of hysteria and smearing. Even Gavin got all frothy about it.

Tom said...

Yay, you're back!


Copied your Moat review to Larry Niven, with predictable results. FYI, Ringworld is in the pipeline to becoming a cable TV series.

It certainly does go on , and on , as plays staged on a half billion mile long set tend to do.

William M. Connolley said...

Oh dear, I might have been kinder if I'd thought there was any chance of him reading it. But I imagine he's had lots of high-quality literary criticism in his time.


I've known Larry since before he wrote it, and did field work for the Peabody Museum with Jerry in the 70's

William M. Connolley said...

Ah well if you knew him before he wrote it, that's all right :-). I have a soft spot for The Magic Goes Away, I still have my old battered copy. Meanwhile, since you don't allow comments, thanks for WHY DO DYSTOPIAN HYPEROBJECTS ELICIT YAWNS ? although I find the space before the mark of interogation questionable.