Cafe Scientifique

I 'ad that Brian G come inta me office - looking shifty - I knows sumfink were up - sure 'nough, 'e sez to me (sorry, I'll give up the accent now) "would you like to be famous" (or words to that effect). Distaining the obvious "but I am already" I listened to what he had to say, which was an invitation to take up an invitation he had to appear at "Cafe Scientifique" (if you still see a poster for some cyborg stuff, its because they haven't updated it from last time...) which is part of the naked scientists. TNS's, manfully swallowing their disappointment at getting humble me rather than the somewhat more famous Brian, have nonetheless put a brave face on it, so if you're in Cambridge next wednesday evening (16th March, 8pm) then come along to Borders and listen (and contribute if you like) to a panel discussion on Climate Change.

[Updated to include picture: someones been having fun with stoatoshop!]

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LuboŇ° Motl said...

Fortunately, the Brian G is not Brian Greene, and the city of Cambridge is a completely different Cambridge.

Otherwise it would be just a little bit too much of a brain warming - the temperature in Cambridge dropped from +8C to -8C and it's snowing heavily.