Its spring, and the flowers are out, and once again I've neglected to dig my allotment thoroughly over the winter, and stuff like that.

To celebrate, here is a picture of a daffodil with the sun behind it that I took on the rec today.

There was a good sunset too, with hints of iridescence in the upper clouds.

Meanwhile, says the news, Brent Crude is now over $56 per barrrel, due to surging demand, especially from China :-(


Anonymous said...

We had the most lovely daffodils emerging in our garden - including a particularly tenacious clump in our compost pile. Then, beginning midday Monday, it snowed. A lot. The daffodils look sad, if that's possible.

- John Fleck

William M. Connolley said...

At least you have the snow! Would I trade daffodils for snow? Two weeks ago I would have but probably not now: its too late and Spring is declared.

Anonymous said...

Now that the snow has melted and it's warm again, the daffodils look remarkably sturdy. Some are a bit tipped over, but they're still offering a splash of color.

- John Fleck