Consensus, again

I'm going to do an EGU wrap-up post when I have a moment; in the mean time the Oreskes study is back in the news, since Peisner is challenging it. Both Tim Lambert and Chris Mooney have the details and links (actually TL's post is mostly about the Bray survey, but also includes some P stuff). TL is currently winning the whose-blog-should-we-post-comments-on war :-)

My contribution is (a) to say that the easiest way to settle this is to check the 34 abstracts that Peisner says contradict the consensus, and (b) my bet is that when (if) he reveals this list, most people will agree that he has miscategorised most/all of them. I suppose I could add (c) all the evidence from EGU is that Oreskes was right.

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