More not-betting; James' empty blog

JA is doing more septic-teasing by discovering that when they say "no reasonable offers refused" what they really mean is "we refuse to put our money where our mouth is", this time Pat Michaels at WCR (WCR, the "blog" that is so frightened of you it doesn't allow comment on *any* of its posts...).

Since I've added him to my blogroll, I won't be recommnending his posts again: I'll assume you can see them yourself.

I've also slightly revised the blogroll tagline, to "other blogs", since I'm now quite fond of this one.

JA's betting-on-climate is turning out to be quite entertaining. None of the septics are prepared to put up. I thought that maybe some would, just to shut him up. But then I suppose they would have to watch, year by year, as their bet unravlled, and that would be embarrasing. But the current situation is going to get embarassing for them too, soon. At the moment its below general public notice (George Monbiot against Myron Ebell was the most public its got) but that is likely to change.

ps: more blogger "more" pain: I now discover that if I *don't* put in the span tags, then it still puts in a ...more... message, even if there is no more! Argh

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