Comment on sci.env!

I've just noticed that James Annan has this:
Comments are welcome, but I don't expect (or wish) substantial debate here. Please go to news://sci.environment where all can contribute. (You'll probably want a proper newsreader with a killfile though)
I think James is substantially right about this, for any number of reasons, most of them obvious. I'm talking about the science posts, of course. The interspersed beekeeping and stuff is fine here. And of course, if you *want* to comment here, thats fine as well. But commenting on sci.env has a number of advantages:

* No one owns it. I can't censor your comments, and so you don't get to post absurd comments complaining about censorship.
* Lots more people will see your comments, most likely.
* It just works better as a forum for dialogue. Blogs just aren't very good at that.

I read sci.env (so does JA) so I'll see any comments there as soon as I see them here. I suppose, to be fair, I ought to point out the disadvantage of sci.env, which is the high bozo coefficient, but nothing is perfect (apart from the weather on this fine evening, which has cooled down from absurdly hot during the day to very pleasant an hour after sunset, with a new full moon low to the south).

Any comments? :-)

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James Annan said...

Was about to post a comment about how blogs encourage factionalisation and privatisation of the debate but I think I'll blog about it myself instead!

(only joking)