RSS data now available...

For some time now it has been a bit frustrating that S+C make their global-average data available, but RSS don't. RSS make the gridpoint data available and I roll my own averages, but still its a lot easier (and less error prone) for the originators to do it.

So credit to Roger Coppock for actually *asking* Mears if the averages are available, and... yes they are. See this sci.env thread for the data.

"Ask and Ye shall receive" as the good book says.

Incidentally, a little quibble: Mears says We do not provide data south of 70S for TLT, due to the high altitude of the Antarctic icecap. When the land (or ice) is this high, TLT is no longer measuring the atmosphere!. What do S+C/UAH do?

[Note strenuous avoidance of the words "Spencer" or "Christy" to avoid disputing JA's place at the top of the google order].

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Anonymous said...

Now, if I could just get the complete algorithm for adjusting degrees of freedom with a lag-one autocorrelation, from a certain polar climatologist. . .

-.-. --.- Roger Coppock