Ross McKitrick speaks

Who? The other Mc as in McI. And what he says is I am not a scientific advisor to the Cornwall Alliance nor am I on the board of the John Deutsch Inst. I did not 'produce' any videos for Friends of Science, they interviewed me a few years ago at an event and have used the videos for their purposes. The previous edition of this page wrongly attributed FoS views to me. The bio information is obsolete. And who knows, he may be telling the truth.

Is that all? I really need to pad this out a bit. We had a decent outing this evening mostly steady-state, but pleasingly clearly below 2:00. Next stop: 34 and up. Tomorrow the event of the year starts, Mays. My money (well, in virtual terms; it could be real terms if anyone will take it) is on Maggie; and more weakly Jesus; though apparently Emma fancy themselves. And let's not forget Darwin.



As the thought of either McMuffin speaking psooth to power is a scary one, I am glad to report the John Deutsch in question is the late Economist of oz, and not Bill Clinton's Director of Central Intelligence.

Given Jim Woolsey's views on climate , you had me running scared for a minute.

Andy Mitchell said...

Ah, the hazards of reporting on the careers of "contrarians". No doubt the poor man merely seeks journalistic accuracy: could he really have other reasons for objecting to being connected to such fighters for truth and objectivity.