Another one bites the dust

Well, there are only so many headlines in the world, ol' Folksy Fred will have to make do with a retread now he's pushing up the daisies. Which fits his schtick. I'm sure everyone will recognise him from the picture.

As to his quality, I think How to be wrong is about right. That's most of a decade old and he's done precious little since then.

If you'd like to read someone at least ostensibly sad, you can read Joseph Bast writing as if through a veil of tears although presumably not actually through a veil of tears. Or there's some gushing stuff at WUWT, as you'd expect.

But for anyone tempted to fall for the "nice old guy" bullshit, don't miss A Note About Roger Revelle, Justin Lancaster and Fred Singer from Eli.

Best Twatter response (now removed; see arch).

Take it away, Freddie...


THE MANY GOOD WORKS OF S. FRED SINGER points out: Over four decades S. Fred Singer produced dozens of interesting, and stimulating, contributions to  astronomy and space physics, including seminal  and much cited work on cosmic rays and radiation in near Earth space (including one co-authored with  James Van Allen,) and his highly original, and still controversial theory of the formation of the Moon. However, none of these noteworthy scholarly papers had much to do with atmospheric science, and obituaries by partisan institutions like CFAC,  and the Heartland institute have accordingly ignored them. This indeed has strong similarities with the passing of Carter. Eli in similar vein offers Fred Singer the Good (there is lots of bad and ugly). Meanwhile, there are 49 comments on the WUWT post, which is rather low for them. Even Carter got more.


Interesting times (2008)
Eric Fnorrd and his Ouija Board? (2010)
Sea level rise in pictures (2018)
* Fred Singer Has Died - QS
* Fred Singer Has Passed. He Took Pleasure In Bullying Scientists. May He Rest - Paul Thacker doesn't like him either.
* Another giant of science has passed - go on, guess who. It is Dennis Avery, well known giant. How do we know he's a G-man? Because he is a coauthor of Unstoppable Global Warming – Every 1,500 Years.
* WUWT has another scratch at the wiki-scab: A New Year’s Look At WUWT. Of course, I appear, in the role you'd expect. Slightly interestingly, so does Stephen Philbrick.
* [2023/01] Jay Lehr is gone too. Cue RS. The Heartland folk go on about various, including his marathons and iron men. So I looked; they were some time ago so times are hard to find, but he did the Hawaii Ironman in 1982. He looks to be a decent swimmer and cyclist but a slow runner: 5:56 I think, though it is hard to read. Mind you, I've never done an Ironman.

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John Mashey said...

He can now commune directly with Frederick Seitz, with no need for a spirit medium.
Singer listed Seitz as Chairman of the SEPP board for 2 years after Seitz died, in his handwritten non-profit IRS forms:

https://www.desmogblog.com/sites/beta.desmogblog.com/files/fake.pdf#page=15 pp.15-16