Lucia Liljegren is not notable

PXL_20220327_142510156 Those with long memories will remember Lucia Liljegren, though I don't think she figured much here. But! At least I care enough to note that she isn't notable: Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Lucia Liljegren was closed as Delete. Is there anything else to say? I think not.


Anteros said...

Your pic - excuse my ignorance - are those miles, minutes or something else?

I'd agree that Lucia is currently not notable, and would have voted that way myself. Ten years ago I'd have sat on the fence, because her blog was reasonably notable.

Actually, it might not have been that notable, but was, in my view, valuable. Over the last 15-20 years, how many places have there been where commenters from different camps could have a good faith discussion with others of a significantly different persuasion? Very very few - the partisanship and polarisation within the climate blogosphere has always greatly depressed me. Nutters on one side, hysterics on the other, and a great silent void in the middle. Echo-chambers everywhere.

Exceptions? Prometheus (just before my commenting time), Bart V's, Von Storch, Keith Kloor for a while, the first two years of J Currys.... and Lucia's Blackboard. Slightly more sceptical than you'd like, perhaps, but all were welcome and there was little abuse and piling on.

I suppose that as Tom F and myself comment here, I'm hinting at a compliment for your blog.

While you can have some fun dissing Lucia's notability, for many years her blog was one of the best venues for across-the-aisle conversations.

Anteros said...

In this context I should also mention John N-G. And whatever climate science I understand, I learned from Science of Doom.

Tom said...

I agree with Anteros. I kinda don't like the idea of a Memory Hole on Wikipedia.

William M. Connolley said...

A: km. That's the Head of the River course distances; which are the Boat Race course distances, but in reverse. See-also Vets Head.

As for the value... I was less sure. After all, my own humble site was a place that everyone could come to. That few of the Dork Side chose to come was, I felt and still feel, a measure of their weakness and lack of confidence.

Tom: notability on wiki is not time dependent. Wiki is not saying that LL is *now* non-notable; it is saying that she never was. See the AFD rationale: there are simply no real relaible sources for her.

Tom said...

Wm: Ah. Okay, then my disagreement is with their editorial decision.

I have long felt that there is room for issue specific Wikipedias (and have proposed one such for climate change). In a climate change sub-heading for a Wiki Lucia would be prominently featured. As would your own good self.

Anteros said...

Seems an opportune moment to inquire as to the future prospects of The Lukewarmer's Way and 3000 quads. Any danger of more blogging, Tom? Your're usually keen for WMC to post anything vaguely Climatey - any climate thoughts you'd like to blog about?

Tom said...

I'm hoping to return to blogging after retirement in two years or so.

But I did a blogging exercise on the Green New Deal a year or so ago: https://thegreennewwave.com/.

William navigated over there and left some cogent commentary--and even got flamed by a skeptic. Sigh... I am so over invective and controversy... (Wait! Did someone call me a denier? That rat... :)

William M. Connolley said...

Oh yeah: So I think we’re back to “WTF are these people thinking?”. *Why* are they tying these totally disparate issues together?. I hope I wasn't too discouraging :-)

Tom said...

Just about the only phrase in Mandarin I remember from my two years in Shanghai is because of the English rhyme: 'Wo tong yi means I agree.'

Wo tong yi. You make perfect sense in your comment(s) there. I tried to refrain from editorializing on that blog, but I agree with you. The green and the new new deal should have been kept separate.