Red team rows over

334109032_742575820756470_7391586374405360439_n Another in the Red Team series, although I seem to have skipped 2020 and 2022; 2021 was Covid. You can have 2022's Mays. This year the Reds weren't troubled by the Minty Blues and all was serene at the top. It's nice to see the strokeman staring at his hands; I thoroughly approve.

I have various vidz which meant I have no good pix; fortunately Giorgio does, and here is one from him.

Thursday was miserably wet, so much so that Friday was cancelled due to high stream; cue much gnashing of teeth on Rowbridge. Saturday went ahead in tolerable weather but the stream still high and the river over the hards, so W/M3 and below didn't row. Jesus are up to three; Clare did well, as did Queens' and Emma; and Red2 and Minty2 both went up, the latter into M1. On the women's side, which I follow with reduced interest, Jesus are now head and Emma two, at the expense of Newnham.


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Phil said...

"But that the market actually works, and works pretty darn well" ...

And doesn't work at all, in the cases of a Commons.

"Freedom in a commons brings ruin to all."

Ruin to all isn't a good outcome.