I wasn't going to write much today (though in fact I'm going to write about Bellamy too) but having thought of this, I shall write it.

Compost. I have a heap at the bottom of the garden. Or rather 2; possibly 3 depending on how you count. They aren't in great order, perhaps because I don't keep them terribly well. The rat seems to like them though: rat tunnels are a bit of a dread sign. So today I spent an hour digging them over and reorganising and hopefully that will put the rat off. Sadly rats are fairly disturbance-proof.

So the thought was, would I be better off stuffing all our green rubbish into the green bin, and then buying in compost (I think SCDC sells the compost it makes from our waste). It would save a lot of time, and space in the garden, and would discourage the rat. But the downside is I would feel less real. I'm not going to change in the near future at least. Of course, the SCDC people know about balancing their heaps; they control the moisture so theirs don't turn into soggy masses like mine; and generally manage them well. Whereas I just hope.

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