My CO2

Or rather, not mine, but my employers. BAS's fuel bills went up by £0.8M this year because of the rise in fuel prices (most of that is ship oil, and some is AVTA). Taking some wild rough guesses, the total fuel bill must be about £2M, and assuming BAS has about 500 employees then my share is about £4k (of course I'm a humble modeller and never mess with ships and stuff so really that wildly overestimates my share. But I use the ships data sometimes). Guessing on, £4k would get you about 5k litres of petrol, but ship fuel must be cheaper and there is no tax, so say 10k litres at least.

Moving over to the domestic side, we tend to fill up the car with 60L about once a month, so say 1kL/y. So (via my employer) I'm using up about 10 times as much fossil fuel as in my car (which is anyway /2, as its shared with my wife).

Not that there is much I can do about it, but its interesting.

And if you want to know where the ships are, they are here. The PS isn't ours, of course.

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