Google AdSense

I've signed myself up to the google adsense programme. The purpose, of course, is to make stonking amounts of dosh... though thats being rather optimistic. The purpose is to experiment and see what happens. I think google runs blogger, so it fits together. I have to get to $100 before they give me anything, and I'll be interested to see how much I get per click. I guess clicking myself would be cheating.

I've chosen the "tower" format in the sidebar, which means I get 4 ads. The first one is a perfect fit - well done google - to Tiempo. But the other three show the unfortunate consequences of my using "septic" to label the nay-sayers: sewage treatement and grease traps. Well, its what they need.

Theres also a google search bar. If I've configured it right, it will search this blog.

Feel free to comment if you (dis)like the ads.

Update 2004/12/20: I've made 17 cents so far...

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