Congratulations to Ross Chandler

This one won't mean a lot to most people.

For years, Coton village has had a slowly degrading pavillion barely adequate for cricket, football, etc. Various inconclusive repair/refurbish/rebuild plans were mooted, funders approached: nothing worked due to lack of drive, energy and ambition. A few years ago Ross got elected to the Parish council and has been doing his best to drive the project through, against a degree of conservatism (small C) and a decided lack of ability to take risks, even small ones.

Finally, tonight, he has what he needs: permission to rebuild the thing, demolishing the interior structure, and make a bonfire of the burnable bits. Which I think will make it inevitable that the whole thing will go ahead.

This, and my experience of trying to run an after school club despite the thicket of government regulations, is coming close to converting me to the values of entrepreneurship...


CapitalistImperialistPig said...

Let's just hope no butterflys are harmed in the process.

LuboŇ° Motl said...

Everyone has his or her own tools how to help entrepreneurship.

In your case, the best thing you can do for it is to change the title page of realclimate.org so that it promotes capitalism, common sense, and solid science instead of the communist and environmentalist pseudoscience meant to triple the layer of s**tty (not Scotty, in this case) government or even international regulations that are already screwing us today and that will be screwing us even more in the future.

If you've really realized that you have been a sinner all the time, it's great but there are really many bad things you've done in your previous life that you will have to undo. But never forget: I am generous, merciful and able to forgive you. ;-)

You have heard the holy word.

All the best