The best of the last, the cleanest star they ever had

Or, the Best of Stoat. And in fact not even that, more a Categorised Stoat. Some things get into more than one category.
  1. Global warming: A primer on sources for global warming [2005/09/20]
  2. Temperature records: ...the increase in temperature in the 20th century is likely to have been the largest of any century during the past 1,000 years... [2005/10/12]
  3. Global cooling: Back to the ice ages: Ice, by Fred Hoyle [2005/09/23]
  4. Butterfly effect: Butterflies: notes for a post [2005/10] and Repeatability of GCMs [2005/10/04]; Junk science is junk [2005/09/26]
  5. Sea ice: Arctic sea ice trends [2005/09/28]
  6. Kyoto etc: Paper Tiger [2005/10/08]
  7. Septics: Why are we having a hearing that features a fiction writer as our key witness? [2005/09/28]; Junk science is junk [2005/09/26]
  8. Wikipedia: Rita Skeeter [2005/09/22]
  9. Misc: Pictures at an exhibition [2005/10/11]; My Office [2005/10/08]; Happy birthday to RealClimate [2005/10/03]; Welcome to RC readers [2005/09/28]; Killer sudoku [2005/09/28]; Misc stuff (reading; blogs; etc) [2005/09/27]; John Houghton caught blogging? [2005/09/24]; Technorati [2005/09/21]
[This is something that I wrote mostly for myself, but left in draft. Now (2017) for my own reasons I'd like it published, so will.]

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