Just eat it!

James Annan has another classic post up, displaying his characteristic incisive wit and complete lack of sentimentality.

According to the 10 o'clock news, its now dead anyway. As far as I can tell, this always happens: great public interest, pointless but newsworthy rescue attempts, and a dead whale. Presumably to be sunk at sea by naval gunfire (to quote the late great Spike Milligan). Perhaps they should just have left it alone: people can never resist the urge to fiddle.


Timothy said...

I enjoyed the first photos of this whale in the Thames. But then I read people talking about "rescue"-- and the narrative is almost default from that point. I said-- this will end badly.

The whale was actually a messenger from the deep sea, but no one could listen to what she was saying as she was quickly caught up in the nets Novelty, Nice and New!

Deb said...

people can never resist the urge to fiddle...because most people think humans rule the planet.

I don't think Mother Nature agrees with that idea though. She will set us all straight eventually.

Anonymous said...

I am James' brother and I completely agree with him. We want to codify James' comments in our international organization.

James also told me to declare this year as the international year of deserts.