Another one bites the dust: Theodor Landscheidt

MVIMG_20190728_160940 Those from ye olde dayes will - indeed, it is practically a test of whether you were around then - recall Theodor "don't mention astrology" Landscheidt. He doesn't show up on "mustelid" and only appears in the scienceblogs era via comments, and asides at that, so interest in him faded rather quickly post-death (I only really know of his existence from sci.env, and even then he was curiously shy). But! He is about to die a second time, how malign is fate: WP:AFD will take him down this time (I can't be bothered to !vote; he survived in 2008). There's a User:Landscheidt who apparently coincidentally has been recently adding gumpf to Planet Nine.

Speaking of wiki: if interested you should see the disastrous WP:FRAM.

Anyway, for the records, here is:

* the page history,
* the state of the page when most useful,
* the current page state.

Image: from the tour Batiaz in Martigny; the abeilliary (right); vines (left) and the track up to the tower (center).


Freedom Is Not Protected By Its Violation - CafeHayek
This lack of motivation is connected to another important psychology – the willingness to fail conventionally - Dominic Cummings (yes him)
My days among the dead - Southey
* The Persistence of Poverty: It's Complicated - by Bryan Caplan
* For Most Things, Recycling Harms the Environment? by Michael Munger; see-also Chasing Rainbows: How the Green agenda defeats its aims


Anonymous said...

When I click the link to your latest blog post, I get
"Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."

William M. Connolley said...

Which link? If you mean the feedly one (or some other reader) yes that was a post written on the wrong blog and deleted from here. It's France 2019: Troyes if you want to see it.

Anonymous said...

I was going through the link from Hot Whopper's Blogroll and got the error message. It's still there.

William M. Connolley said...

Ah yes same thing: HW's blogroll has snaffled my post, before I deleted it. As I say, link above if you want to read it...

Andy Mitchell said...

So astrology can be added to water divining, and intelligent design as pseudo-sciences practised by "scientists". If we put these into some sort of order where would climate change denial fit in the list?

Andy Mitchell said...

Putting these things in order with most insane first: in the past I'd have said.

Astrology (Landscheidt)
Water Divining (Axel-Morner)
Intelligent Design (Many contrarians)
Climate Change Denial.

But now, with stuff like quantum entanglement, the observation "its ridiculous" does not seem to be a valid objection. The most telling point against a belief is if it contains elements to go against science that is well established. So now, still with most insane first, I'd write:

Intelligent Design
Climate Change Denial
Water Divining