PXL_20220618_144552047~2Another year over and deeper in debt... this is Caius M2, though it was hard to distinguish them from M11. The separation at the catch is nice, something that this apparently respectable video doesn't like. It was a good year; lots of exciting action; some excellent and some achingly poor rowing; Caius and Newnham retained their headships.

If I was going to say nice things about everyone who deserved it, I'd be here forever, so as a token: congratulations to Queens' M1 for their blades, after a few dull years; and to Christ's W1.

Aanyway, this post is just a link to the full 37 video Mays 2022 playlist. Mays was run for the first time since 2019; I also took a few vidz at Oxford Summer Eights.

Update: alas, no-one qualified (arch).


* Lents, 2022.


1. Because they were good, not because M1 were poor :-) (2023/03: this video comes my way). Alas, they only went up three because they only good, not also lucky. And of course they were easily distinguished, since M1 wasn't bucket rigged, but I mean that from the quality of rowing, you couldn't easily tell which was the top boat.

Screenshot_20220620-143440 Screenshot_20220620-145011 Screenshot_20220620-145119

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