Year of the Stoat

Caius M2 Per 2022, blogging in general and this blog in particular continue the long slow slide into obsolescence. Following long established convention, I pick the post of each month with the most comments.

* January: Rahmstorf joins the Dork Side (25).

* February: Bad beliefs: Misinformation is factually wrong – but is it ethically wrong, too? (15).

* March: Guns are now the leading cause of death for children in the US? (27).

* April: The alternative to Atlas Shrugged (7).

* May: What’s behind the dangerous new notion that democracy should be left to the well-educated? (9).

* June: Bandit Hoekstra (2). A thin month; there were three two's.

* July: Abuse of non-linear (7).

* August: Walkabout.

* September: A summer away (6).

* October: Gray the sinner (8).

* November: Reporting of yer conflict (26).

* December: Introducing Justapedia? (3).

I'm afraid that despite the lack of encouragement, I'm likely to continue into 2024.


Are Men Smarter than Women? - Richard Hanania.

* Bill Ackman on Claudine Gay and Harvard and DEI in general. If you prefer to read an alternative viewpoint, there's "Claudine Gay Had to Resign, But She Was Right About the Big Things", which is wrong.

SMASH Handheld - this is getting very close to "smart guns". It needs to add a "pull the trigger and it will fire when on target" mode, plus perhaps a "jiggle" to allow it to get on target even if the human is hopeless.


Alan Bryson said...

As a long term vistior who has never published a comment, I thought I should express my support for your blog which I invariably enjoy reading.
Happy New Year too.

Tom said...

I've been a bit more visible in the comments section than Alan Bryson, but I echo his sentiments.

Anteros said...

Hear hear to Alan and Tom's comments. I think we have have a consensus.

William M. Connolley said...

I'll keep slogging on then :-). Happy New Year to all, and if any other lurkers can be enticed to even briefly unlurk, please do.

Tom said...

Well, if you're taking requests, how about competing top 10 lists? Top 10 whoppers from the skeptic side of the fence and top 10 from the hyperventilating portion of the consensus?

William M. Connolley said...

I've kinda been doing my best to avoid shooting fish in barrels. And they do tend to be ephemera, so hard to find in arrears. But I may start a list for this year.

Tom said...

May be of interest: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/jan/02/hannah-ritchie-not-the-end-of-the-world-extract-climate-crisis