Stoat of the Year

PXL_20220924_101743338 It's time for the annual pick-of-the-year, as I record my slow slide into obsolescence.

Jan: Two views of democracy (20).

Feb: Meeting the objectives of climate resilient development requires society and ecosystems to move over (transition) to a more resilient state? (11).

Mar: The flower of poor thinking is to lack influence (18).

Apr: tie: Coronavirus days: tag, I'm it and Lucia Liljegren is not notable (9).

May: Why does the Evil Empire want to be paid in roubles? (11).

Jun: Church and State (49).

Jul: WV v EPA (12).

Aug: ZOMG catastrophe, part n (46).

Sep: Vaclav Smil and Steve Koonin (13).

Oct: No comments! But only two posts...

Nov: Pulling the wings off mosquitoes (7).

Dec: Happy Christmas (10).

Other: my exercise stats: Rowing 81 times, 84 h, 817 km; Indoor Rowing 51 times, 32 h, 384.8 km; Walking The Cat (coxing) 46 times, 53 h; Running 34 times, 25 h, 267.5 km. Not quite as much running as I might like; not even once a week on average.


* 2022: A year in review from ATTP

Happy New Stoat (2021)

BATTER my heart, three person’d God (2020)

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