Bee orchids

James Annan rates highly (currently #2) for Spencer and Christy (I'm #1 for "S+C msu" but thats a bit contrived) and John Fleck is good for weird cheap shit :-) BUT my website is #1 for "bee orchid" (admittedly on image not text).

This post in return for JFs asters. I didn't grow my bee orchid, of course.

And just to keep the betting stuff alive... I've added a note to my wiki page - you can edit that, of course.


Anonymous said...

So is that a flower that has evolved a mock bee?

- John Fleck

William M. Connolley said...

Yes. The reason for the delay is that I was going to write "of course, its evolved to look like a bee so it gets pollinated". But I doscover its a bit more complicated, in that in the northern end of their range (around here) they mostly self-pollinate.

Anyway, they are remarkably bee-like to the human eye.