Killer Sudoku

There is a new and interesting sudoku variant, the so-called "killer", in which you get no starting clues at all but you get to know the sums of certain boxes. Like this:

So far, its only available in the Times. If you want a hint on how to start, then: the sum of each 3x3 must be 45 (1+2+...9). So the middle-left box has a 36 and a 17 (sum = 53) with one box hanging out of the 3x3. Hence that one box must be an 8 (53-45). I'll leave you the rest, the guide time was 28 mins but I think thats a bit optimistic unless you're very good.


Reviewer said...

This is a fun site to get started on Sudoku with,


It respects your intelligence!

Cheers, Omar

Anonymous said...

There is another source of Killer Sudoku at www.djape.net/sudoku/wp

They're posting daily killer there.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You can also get killer suduko's from ebay. check out:


Anonymous said...

Seems like there are lots of new sources our there. They are also at:

Anonymous said...

You can find a killer sudoku solver in http://www.sudoku.org.es

Anonymous said...

You can download Killer Sudoku and also learn how to play at www.sudokutiger.com.