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A welcome to any RealClimate readers who have follwed the new link across... my humble personal blog having been deemed link-worthy at last!

Perhaps this is a good time to re-state the blogs purpose. Mostly, its for climate science type things, though generally at a lower level of detail and quality than RC aims for. However this may lead to a slightly faster response time and I also comment on things "beneath" (or too personal) for RC. And then of course theres the odd bit of politics or misc.

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Some highlights from the past

I'm in the process of constructing a whole "guide to stoat" (as a precursor to doing the same for RC), but in the meantime a few bits and bobs that I shall call highlights, mostly in reverse time order:

  1. Junkscience is junk - no surprises there
  2. A primer on GW sources also check the comments
  3. Soil carbon losses
  4. Not betting on Climate - anyone prepared to put their money where their mouth is? (Rumour that Gray has just said he will... could be interesting)
  5. More myths of the near future
  6. Ask Stoat - any questions...?

Meanwhile, radio4 news had a prominent item (including piece from Todd Arbetter, just appointed at BAS!) about the low sea ice this summer. Hmmm, must check up: is this reality or the over-efficient NASA PR machine? [The bbc r4 link is: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/4290340.stm]


Anonymous said...

Re the arctic sea ice, here's the official NSIDC statement: http://nsidc.org/news/press/20050928_trendscontinue.html . The BBC story turns out to be rather temperate by comparison. Also, RP Sr. got his panties in a twist over this, and now seems to have a bit of egg on his face: http://climatesci.atmos.colostate.edu/?p=59 . There's nothing relevant on the UI site as yet, although it's perhaps significant that they were caught in an error when there was an apparent discrepancy between them and the NSIDC early last month: http://climatesci.atmos.colostate.edu/?p=23 . Probably they're being a bit more careful now. It's interesting that the NSIDC statement made no reference to UI even though Mark Serreze appears to have promised the climateseptics that this would be done. I don't know enough to say for sure, but UI seems like it may be a bit of a one-horse operation and so perhaps not quite so deserving of the equal credibility RP Sr. seems to think they should get.

Re Gray, are we talking one of those ten-year bets here? If so, you'll want to make sure that there are arrangements for his estate to pay off the bet. In any case the odds are that he won't be around to suffer the embarassment of the loss.

William M. Connolley said...

Steve - thanks for that. I'm just finishing a sea ice post... I'll put in your links. Isn't life exciting?