Finding and Looting

How do you tell a "looter" from a "finder"? Its easy. See this from Wonkette (thanks Dave Mason via Planet Fleck).

Meanwhile... all this Katrina stuff (very interesting, true) and then... another 800 dead in Iraq, and not even for any kind of sensible reason: just a mass stampede. The madness of crowds.


James Annan said...

I think mortars being fired into the crowd probably counts as a "reason"!

Anonymous said...

The mortar fire was several hours before the stampede. There may or may not have been someone shouting "suicide bomber" to trigger it, information is contradictory. The Iraqi government blames Sunni terrorists, Iran blames USA etc.

It is wierd how the situation in New Orleans start to resemble that in Baghdad right after the US invasion with large scale looting and people shooting at the US military and each other.