Second minister resigns for second time

David Blunkett has resigned again. So thats him *and* Mandleson who have resigned twice. Not bad for a goverment that promised to be whiter than white. The grauniad quotes Blur as saying: Mr Blunkett left office "with no stain of impropriety against him whatsoever" which is... err... why he resigned, of course (just like Mandleson). And in a stunning piece of irrelevance Blunkett apparently said having investments and holding shares in modern Britain is not a crime. Stuff likes that makes it hard to be sympathetic.

But... little sympathy as I have, the "crimes" here seem to be far less than those of people in Bush's administration. And the witch hunting (was it?) bears a certain resemblance to the M&M stuff.

Meanwhile (and probably more importantly) the terrible terrorism bill goes through by one vote (actually its not through yet: the even more controversial detention without trial for 3 months is yet to come and may well go down, hurrah).

Coming soon: Blair on climate change.

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William M. Connolley said...

Update: the govt have backed off, according to the 10pm news: the 90 proposal is withdrawn and they will try to reach consensus around a lower figure.