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No science today, I've been a bit busy recently; also to Reading for a HiGEM meeting (where I gossiped about JA with MR...). So why not have a look at the state of our building work instead?

From the Grauniad, an interesting article about rent-a-coder.com, which appears to be a small-granularity outsourcing project. You've got a bit of code to write? Then you can post your problem, people bid, and if you can agree a price then it gets done. Sounds interesting. Sadly I can't think of a way to make it work for climate model code.

Finally, a brief foray into Art Theory. I was down the pub, talking to someone with a Slim Volume on the History of Art beside her. So I mentioned Prousts view, expounded in A l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs, that each (great) artists starts afresh; there is, effectively, no art history. And he contrasts that with science, which builds on the past; he insists that art does not. To which my friend replied, "nonsense". And who knows, she may be right?


Anonymous said...

Your friend is right. Proust's idea is nonsense.

- John Fleck

William M. Connolley said...

Possibly... but are you, I or she a Great Artist? Is argument from authority allowed in the arts?

Hey, I like this arts stuff: unlike the sciences, where you need facts and information, in the Arts you can just spout off! Its easy! (thats not an attack on you John, but on me :-)

James Annan said...

MR had better watch what he says or he'll get fed natto on his next visit :-)

(based on a guess as to who JA and MR refer to)