What do pornographers and climate modellers have in common?

Ha... knew that would draw you in. Sadly the post is mistitled, because the P I'm talking about is Rowan Pelling, and she is more os a porn-writer than a -grapher, since she is (or was, it seems she has resigned) editor of the Erotic Review.

Anyway, what we have in common is our view of the London bombing, becaause (after a long perusal of the Sunday Independent) she is the only commentator I can find with a view broadly comparable to mine. She writes:

Brave? No, just fatalistic. It was bound to happen - talk of doughty Londoners showing Blitz spirit in the face of terrorist outrage...

though the bit I wanted to quote is only available to subscribers. She doesn't do the probabalistic bit (which JA didn't like, though I still do) but otherwise says things fairly similar to me - at least, similar measured by the difference between us and most other comments.

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