More on the MBH-Barton fight

Take a look at: http://www.aaas.org/news/releases/2005/0714letter.pdf. Good stuff! A lot better than von S.

[Update: oh great. I see Chris Mooney was there before me, but only by 2 hours. But does he have...]

Rumour: more stuff to come on sunday!

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Anonymous said...

I guess there will be a sort of wagon circling around "decentering" sooner or later if this Barton thing goes on. It is too Dick and Jane like to miss. So I will venture the simple simon version now, in hopes someone who was never frightened by a slide rule will fix it.
If you say let us get a bigger number, I want to go higher in he world of temperature. OK, so you have to have a long series, and then your plan is to break of the end of it , and add there some higher numbers, or add some higher numbers to the whole series by using higher numbers near the (present) end.. We will call that decentering.

Thning is, if you do that then you will have to deduct a mean which will be bigger, higher, ,larger than the one you had before, and the deduction you will make against your series will be greater. But what you will then have in hand has got to be less than you had before.
So if this is decentering, are you not reducing the temperature you want to raise?.