Hairy Pooter and the Half-Baked Premise

Sorry, that was the best mock-title I could think of. And despite it, I liked the book (despite a notable lack of fart jokes). Anyway, I thought I ought to join the ranks of bloggers posting that they have read it...

Warning: no spoilers at all ahead. You'll have to read it yourself.

So... its a bit shorter than the last (boooo!). The characters develope a bit, JKR's writing style has maybe advanced a bit, but who gives a toss about the literary theory type stuff, the important bit is staying up till after midnight to finish it, which I never did for Proust... Also my 7 year old son is pretty keen on it (in the midnight queue at Oxford to buy it, he was nose-deep in HPv desperate to finish it so he could get onto vi... its a strange madness). There are various twists and turns in the plot, some reasonable false leads and double-false leads; happily the quidditch gets downplayed, as she ran out of interesting things to say about it several books ago. Ditto the Dursleys. I couldn't see any obvious self-contradictory logical flaws (unlike GoF, which had a massive self-contradiction at its very heart). I liked Luna, but then I think I'm supposed to.

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