Lazard levelized cost of generation report

Via ZH, the Lazard levelized cost of generation report is out.


You can pick your own favourite figure; this is mine, renewables new-build vs conventional marginal costs. So, we're not there yet but we soon will be; and if you look at the new-build comparisons, you see you'd have to be mad to new-build coal. Or, TBH, nooks. But you'd also be mad to turn off existing nooks.


Techno-optimism (2017)


Sam said...

LCOE is a funny metric though, in that it treats all energy produced as being of equal value, when this is pretty obviously not the case, what with wind/solar managing to drive power prices negative on occasion in some places. So one can argue that nuclear gets punished, despite pretty consistent generator come what may, while wind and solar get rewarded despite their somewhat lumpy output, and the fact that some portion of the energy they produce is effectively useless (hence negative prices).

William M. Connolley said...

That's probably true, once you get interested in the details. But I'm very much a broad-brush kinda guy.