The ETS again

1631562763665-29e8c8df-701e-4f59-945b-47f08a7f683c As noted in February, the ETS price is going up; from E30 then to E60 now; and this is causing problems for some people. Which is in general a good thing: the ETS was long stupid for having too many permits and too low a price; if it isn't causing problems for someone, it isn't much use. However, when we're at the stage of A senior European Commission official insisted on delivering “a message of calm”, perhaps things aren't working quite as desired.


* UK Department for
Business, Energy
& Industrial Strategy
* Myths we teach our children by Scott Sumner
by Bryan Caplan
* Average is over by Scott Sumner
* Timmy on pigs and CO2 prices, with a comment by me.
* Timmy says the obvious that the meeja and pols can't think, on electricity prices in the UK.
* Record EU carbon price boosts clean fuel economics - Rise in cost of polluting to more than €90 makes green energy technology more attractive - FT (arch): There are CCS opportunities available to the market at less than €75 a tonne... you need prices sustained at these levels for a period of at least two to three years in order to see real investment... The gas supply crunch has provided an incentive to energy producers to switch to cheaper but more polluting coal, increasing demand for allowances.


Phil said...

So why are there no Republican Megacities?

And why have most of Academia switched parties?

And why is much of rural American very solid Republican?

The comments are beyond amusing.
Must be the Ginormous power of the few remaining unions.

Or vacation areas are Republican, like Hawaii...

Er no.

Maybe many Conservative Beliefs fail physics. Or biology. Or chemistry. Damn those academic elites.

William M. Connolley said...

You should know by now to pay no attention to comments on blogs... :-)